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  • CBAM 2012

    (Bahasa Indonesia) Green Business and Sustainability: Peran Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (TIK), Pendekatan Manajemen dan Praktek Akuntansi

  • CBAM 2012

    Green Business and Sustainability: The Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Management Approaches and Accounting Practices


2nd Conference in Business, Accounting and Management (2nd CBAM 2015) click the link below to download the file follow the requirements of the publication of scientific papers 2nd CBAM Call for Paper FE 2nd For more information, please contact us: Secretariat 2nd CBAM Unissula FE, (024) 6583584 ext 561 Lisa Kartikasari, Mobile: 08122845127 Maya Indriastuti, HP: 081575372844 [...]

Background and Objectives

CBAM is an annual forum to link academic and business entities hosted by Faculty of Economics, UNISSULA, Semarang.  The Role of ICT, Management Approaches, and Accounting Practices in Green Business and sustainability is theme for CBAM 2012.  The concept of the “green business” is still evolving, but is gaining traction around the world, as much [...]